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Is crypto rewiring our brains? Can stablecoins ever be... stable? Is Wyoming bad for America?

Coinage is the first community-owned show answering crypto's biggest questions — and we're bringing together some of the most influential rivals in the space to help us do it. Join us, and let's start getting some answers.


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Soundbites aren't a good look in a space this complex. We’re telling the stories that drive the headlines with a skeptical eye and fresh perspective.


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No pundits or “experts” here. We’re bringing together rivals who are building the future of crypto. So we have unparalleled access, but we’re not beholden to anyone.


So you don’t have to trust us.

We’re editorially independent, but you shouldn’t have to take our word for it. We’re going after the big questions so you can learn how to trust yourself.

Zack Guzman

Host & Financial Reporter

Meet your host, Zack Guzman. He’s a seasoned financial reporter who thinks there’s a better way to cover crypto. But to get to the bottom of it, someone's got to go down the rabbit hole.

You can think of Season 1 as our pilot season — episodes we‘re pre-producing with the input of a smaller Network to show what Coinage could be. Around the end of Season 1, we‘ll launch our Caucus NFTs and start building Season 2 together — because a community-based movement demands community-based coverage.

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We’ve been hard at work bringing Coinage to life already. Take a look at where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

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