Coinage Announces New Partnership With TheStreet For Premium Crypto Content

Coinage and TheStreetCrypto are partnering to bring better crypto content to investors.

By: Coinage

January 16, 2024

Coinage, the fastest-growing media brand in Web3, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with TheStreetCrypto, marking a significant milestone in our journey to bring cutting-edge Web3 journalism to a wider audience.

Coinage Founder and Host Zack Guzman announced the partnership in a recent discussion with Roundtable CEO James Heckman, who has been growing TheStreetCrypto to source crypto content for TheStreet's more than 30 million readers. Heckman, also former Global Chief Media Strategist for Yahoo, expressed enthusiasm in partnering with Coinage to bring our coverage to their audience. "You get great guests, you’ve got great analysis, and we’re very excited about the partnership,” he said.

Coinage, known for its in-depth analysis and high-profile guests, will now have its content featured on TheStreetCrypto, a platform dedicated to assembling the best content creators in the Bitcoin and crypto space. This partnership aims to bridge the gap in understanding and accessibility of crypto-related information among the general public.

Coinage and TheStreetCrypto announced a new partnership to increase access to quality crypto content.
Coinage and TheStreetCrypto announced a new partnership to increase access to quality crypto content.

Heckman pointed out the crucial role of education in the crypto market's growth, stating that most millionaire investors have yet to explore Bitcoin. This partnership is a move towards changing that, reaching out to a vast audience beyond the core crypto community.

“Coinage is excited to partner with TheStreetCrypto to help educate and inform investors by finding the signal through the noise,” Guzman said. “This partnership will continue to help bridge the gap, help more people find the best content in crypto, and continue Coinage’s explosion as the fastest-growing media brand in Web3.”

TheStreetCrypto, with its extensive reach and syndications with platforms like Yahoo Finance, Google News, and Apple News, presents a unique opportunity to amplify Coinage's community-owned content to a broader, more diverse audience. This collaboration is not just about expanding reach; it's about educating and informing a larger demographic that is still unfamiliar with the crypto world.

In a rapidly evolving market where public knowledge is key, this partnership represents a giant leap forward. Our goal is to demystify the world of cryptocurrencies and make this information accessible to everyone, from seasoned investors to curious newcomers as the most trusted name in Web3.

As we join forces with TheStreetCrypto, we're set to make a significant impact in the financial media landscape, bringing the world of cryptocurrencies closer to mainstream understanding and acceptance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting new chapter with TheStreetCrypto!


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