Coinage Launches The First Onchain Scavenger Hunt to Win 5 ETH

12 Days. 12 Clues. 5 ETH on the line – with prizes at every turn. Do you have what it takes?

By: The Coinage Team

September 21, 2023

The mainstream narrative around crypto this year has been inundated with new crackdowns, lawsuits, and Gary Gensler doing Gary Gensler things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the discussion around crypto got back to what the technology unlocks?

Coinage, the first community-owned Web3 outlet governed by our NFT holders, is excited to launch the first-ever Onchain Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win 5 ETH – and other prizes along the way.

Every day for 12 days, players will be able to compete to solve a daily clue, and mint a free digital trophy (NFT) to celebrate their Web3 knowledge. At the end of 12 days, players who have unlocked all 12 words will be eligible to automatically unlock the grand prize. Some clues might be harder than others, and others might seem familiar to our existing subscribers — but all of them will celebrate various facets of life in Web3. The first five players to submit correct answers on Day 4 and Day 8 will also win 0.1 ETH, and 0.2 ETH, respectively.

“Reasons to celebrate Web3 and the possibilities unlocked by this technology have been few and far between for many this year,” Coinage Host Zack Guzman said. “We see this Scavenger Hunt as a fun way to remind ourselves why we’re all here and what we can do when we come together for shared onchain experiences.”

Coinage is giving away 5 ETH through an Onchain Scavenger Hunt. 12 Days. 12 Clues. 12 words to unlock a simulated seed phrase.
Coinage is giving away 5 ETH through an Onchain Scavenger Hunt. 12 Days. 12 Clues. 12 words to unlock a simulated seed phrase.

Players will not need an existing Coinage NFT in their wallet to win. However, existing holders of any Coinage Membership Pass will be able to unlock additional clues in Coinage’s Discord channels.

Of course, this is not the first time Coinage has merged award-winning content with on-chain experiences. Our existing NFT holders have already competed in trivia for a chance to win prizes, built a tool to contact Congress, and crowned a debate winner in the battle between Custodia Bank CEO Caitlin Long and BitGo CEO Mike Belshe – all while continuing to support the world’s first community-owned Web3 media outlet.

As our decentralized community has continued to expand with leaders in Web3, Coinage has established itself as one of the most trusted projects in the space. Coinage Subscriber Membership Passes have sold out for Season 2, and are now trading 185% higher than where they started the year on secondary markets – despite a challenging year for digital assets.

The 12-day Scavenger Hunt will culminate on October 6 as Coinage Host Zack Guzman is joined on an X Space with Coinbase’s Jesse Pollak, and Unlock Protocol CEO Julien Genestoux.

Thanks to the Scavenger Hunt being built on Base, there are no costs for players beyond the nominal gas fees associated with minting digital trophies for each day. Full Terms & Conditions are available on our Scavenger Hunt page.

Godspeed, and good luck!

To support our community-owned outlet, own it with us, and unlock other exclusive benefits, mint one of our Membership Passes today (or buy one on OpenSea.)


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