Crown Crypto's Project of the Year In Coinage's Community-Led Celebration

Help us name Crypto's Project of the Year. Win by predicting the champion.

By: The Coinage Team

November 17, 2023

BRACKET SUBMISSIONS NOW LIVE: Submit your Project of the Year picks to win 0.25 ETH.

How can anyone know which projects in crypto will succeed?

Maybe you follow price action? Maybe you follow the narrative? Maybe you follow the advice of an influencer?

To help us all find the most promising projects in crypto, Coinage is excited to launch Crypto Project of the Year — the first-ever series highlighting the top projects in crypto as determined by the entire Web3 community. Over weeks of interviews and discussions with leaders and founders from the best projects in crypto, the Coinage community will come to consensus to crown our Project of the Year.

For the past year, Coinage has been creating Web3's most influential community of leaders, investors, and builders by publishing award-winning content and interviews to educate the world on what is happening in crypto. We won a prestigious journalism award alongside Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal for our coverage of the Terra collapse. Since then, more than 6,500 unique members have joined the community-owned media revolution to steer, own, and influence the coverage from Coinage — one of the fastest-growing new Web3 media brands.

Now, to wrap up 2023, our NFT holders are coming together to nominate and vote on crypto's most promising projects. Together, we will explore a top field of 16 to crown Coinage's Crypto Project of the Year. Coinage NFT holders can also submit their own bracket to pick the winners beginning Monday November 20th. A prize of 0.25 ETH will be awarded to the Coinage holder who picks most accurately.

Coinage is naming a Crypto Project of the Year, with the help of the entire Web3 community. Buy an NFT today to join our more than 6,600 community members in crowning a champion.
Coinage is naming a Crypto Project of the Year, with the help of the entire Web3 community. Buy an NFT today to join our more than 6,600 community members in crowning a champion.

How Coinage Crowns Crypto's Project of the Year

Coinage is an award-winning, community-owned media DAO steered and governed by our more than 6,500 holders and counting (including the co-founder of Netflix.) Over the next few weeks, Coinage will be hosting on-chain votes to see which projects our community finds most promising. A field of 16 top projects nominated by our community will be whittled down before our Project of the Year is named via Snapshot votes. As with all Coinage votes, influence is determined by NFT tier:

If you haven't joined Coinage's decentralized media revolution, mint to be come a member today! (Holders are encouraged to participate. Voting is how Coinage distinguishes inactive members from active members.)

During the two weeks after Thanksgiving, Coinage will host discussions with leaders from our field of the top projects in crypto. After a round of voting, 16 projects will be narrowed to eight. A second round of voting will determine our final four projects remaining, before a semi-final in early January and a final round of voting determines which project wins the right to be named Coinage's Crypto Project of the Year.

As always, Coinage NFT holders are encouraged to participate by adding interview questions or research in our token-gated Discord channels.

The final bracket for Coinage's Crypto Project of the Year will be revealed during our live weekly Crypto Digest where we discuss the top crypto headlines. Bracket submissions are open now. Round 1 will begin Tuesday November 28.

Good luck to all the top projects and communities. On the other side, we hope we all learn something new. (And someone will win 0.25 ETH!)


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