Crypto News Recap: Gary Gensler Heads to Congress

All the news to know this week in crypto... and clues to Coinage's Onchain Scavenger Hunt!

By: Zack Guzman

September 26, 2023


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GM! This week: SBF’s mother Barbara Fried breaks her silence, DeFi project Mixin suffers a $200 million hack, and Coinage officially launches our Onchain Scavenger Hunt on Base for YOU to WIN 5 ETH! Coinage NFT holders can watch Coinage Host Zack Guzman and Fox Business crypto reporter Eleanor Terrett discuss all the big headlines above.

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In Crypto Hacks…

The DeFi project Mixin kicked off its week in the worst way: Confirming a $200 million exploit. The Hong Kong-based project admitted a problem with a centralized database at a cloud provider. In a July report, Mixin reported more than $1 billion across its top 100 assets supported.

“No matter what your assets are — whether it's Bitcoin or Ethereum — we will ensure that half of it is unaffected,” Mixin Network founder Feng Xiaodong said in a livestream. “We’re trying to find a way to recover the compromised money, but that is very difficult.”

Feng added that about half of the total user assets on the network are not affected by the hack. For the other half, Feng said that the team is weighing the possibility of issuing what he called “bond tokens” for users to claim, which company could buy back in the future. Kinda sounds like an emergency debt issuance? Guess, that’s the only way to keep on truckin’. (We hope you had a better Monday.)

In Better News…

MicroStrategy, led by noted Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor, announced it put another $150 million to work in scooping up more of the world’s largest crypto. According to a new SEC filing, the enterprise software company acquired 5,445 Bitcoin between Aug. 1 and Sept. 24 at an average price of $27,053 per token.

Per Bloomberg, the Virginia-based company’s Bitcoin holdings stood at 158,245 tokens as of Sept. 24, acquired at an aggregate purchase price of $4.68 billion.

In SBF Happenings…

Barbara Fried, SBF’s mother, broke her silence in a new interview with The New Yorker. The article certainly reads a little differently after last week’s FTX lawsuit laid bare just how involved both SBF’s mother and father were in the business.

“I think most parents would much rather die, frankly, than see their child accused of such horrible things,” Barbara Fried said.

For a more complete picture of SBF’s defense heading into the trial that’s now just a week away, might we suggest diving into our four-part series exploring the defense materials he exclusively provided to Coinage.

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Coinage is giving away 5 ETH through an Onchain Scavenger Hunt. 12 Days. 12 Clues. 12 words to unlock a simulated seed phrase.
Coinage is giving away 5 ETH through an Onchain Scavenger Hunt. 12 Days. 12 Clues. 12 words to unlock a simulated seed phrase.

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